Since this is one of many firsts for us, we would like to mention the intent and what can be expected going ahead in this blog page.

PMC Fincorp being a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), is very much ingrained in the financial ecosystem of India, this gets enhanced even further by the virtue of being a listed company. As a financial institution, we are expected to function as enablers of growth for our stakeholders such as our clients, our employees, the government, our shareholders, and the society as a whole. We can confidently say that our stakeholders have never let us feel deprived of opportunities to serve our objectives. Going ahead, we are aiming to be the growth engine that our stakeholders have always envisioned us to be, and the intent for this blog lies herein; we strive to share our views with you, our stakeholders, on various issues pertaining to the environment in which we function. The challenges and opportunities that each scenario proposes and how we aim to capitalize or safeguard from these scenarios. The blog aims to express our views within the backdrop of macroeconomic environment and events that occur and constantly present us with everchanging circumstances. These macroeconomic events may pertain to legislations, propositions, and finances presented in the union budget, central bank policies, political events, and global events of similar nature. As these events have the potential to alter the environment we function in, it becomes critical to track, analyze, and reassess our path to our objectives.

I do hope that you, our stakeholders, look forward to being a part of this journey as much as we do.


PMC Fincorp Limited